Five Common Reasons for Landlord-Tenant Disputes

While the coronavirus pandemic has caused more problems between landlords and tenants than ever before, landlord-tenant disputes are nothing new. All too often, conflicts between landlords and tenants turn from simple arguments into court cases, potentially costing hundreds or thousands of dollars and sometimes resulting in eviction. Here are five of the most common reasons for landlord-tenant disputes: Continue reading “Five Common Reasons for Landlord-Tenant Disputes”

Brooklyn Landlords Allegedly Tricked NY State in “Rent-Free” Scheme

A collection of Brooklyn landlords are facing a class action suit, alleging they defrauded both their own tenants and New York State by promising a “rent-free” month to get around rent stabilization laws. This scheme allegedly allowed landlords to overcharge their tenants for apartments that were supposed to be regulated, in violation of state law. The plaintiff alleges this scheme also allowed landlords to raise their rents higher than they normally would be allowed, harming tenants. Continue reading “Brooklyn Landlords Allegedly Tricked NY State in “Rent-Free” Scheme”

When AirBNB Goes Wrong

Many people have benefitted from the service that AirBNB provides. It allows people to find a place to stay where hotels might otherwise be too expensive or rare, and it allows others to make money from renting out their homes or apartments when they’re out of town. Everyone wins… provided that neither the “guest” nor the “host” do anything untoward. Because if they do, and you happen to be the landlord whose tenant became embroiled in an AirBNB-related debacle, you could have a major headache on your hands. Continue reading “When AirBNB Goes Wrong”