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24/7/365 Emergency Hotline: 631-348-1702

If you have been arrested, or in case of an emergency, our attorneys can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at 631-348-1702.

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Firm Partner Christopher P. McGuire was interviewed by News 12 Long Island regarding the Central Islip community being awarded a $10 Million grant to help revitalize its downtown.

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Recent News and Results of the Firm’s Criminal, Traffic, Matrimonial, Landlord-Tenant and Personal Injury Practice

April 2024

McGuire, Peláez & Bennett, P.C. Undergoes Name Change as Luigi Belcastro Is Elevated to Partner
Firm Expands with New Riverhead Office

Luigi Belcastro, EsqMcGuire, Peláez & Bennett, P.C. has announced the promotion of Luigi Belcastro to Partner. With Mr. Belcastro’s elevation, the Firm is pleased to announce that it has changed its name to McGuire, Peláez, Bennett & Belcastro, P.C.

Mr. Belcastro concentrates his practice in serious criminal defense cases, as well as civil litigation. He has conducted numerous DWI and other criminal and traffic trials on behalf of the firm.

Prior to joining the firm in 2019, Mr. Belcastro was a Prosecutor at the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, where he successfully prosecuted thousands of cases. As a result of his successes, he was assigned to the Enhanced Prosecution Bureau in Riverhead, where he handled serious and high-publicity felony criminal cases. His cases involved organized crime, gang activity, assault, counterfeit currency, prostitution, gun-related offenses and murder cases. In addition, he conducted a significant number of jury trials.

A first-generation Italian immigrant, Mr. Belcastro earned his Juris Doctor from the Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University.

“Luigi brings a wealth of experience, a proven track record of success and a commitment to excellence that aligns seamlessly with the Firm’s values,” said Christopher McGuire, Senior Partner, McGuire, Peláez, Bennett & Belcastro, P.C. “He will be an integral part of our team, contributing valuable insights and skill to further enhance the services we offer. Mr. Belcastro has proven his value to the Firm and our clients. We look forward to the continued success and growth that he will undoubtedly continue to contribute to our Firm, as well as this exciting new chapter for us.”

The Firm has also announced that it has expanded, with a new office located at 30 West Main Street, Suite 205 in Riverhead. The new location will allow the Firm to better serve the needs of the eastern Long Island community.

“As our Firm continues to grow, we have also decided to open an additional office in Riverhead to better serve our East End clients and also to be in close proximity to the Riverhead criminal and civil courts,” Mr. McGuire said. “Our decision to expand is driven by our dedication to providing accessible and comprehensive legal services to our valued clients.”

September 2023

McGuire, Pelaez, Bennett & Belcastro, P.C. has announced that Timothy V. Sorrell has joined the firm as an Associate.

He handles a variety of civil and criminal matters, including, but not limited to, landlord/tenant matters, as well as Family Court, criminal and traffic cases.

Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Sorrell served as the Supervisor for the Nassau County Legal Aid Society’s Family Court Bureau. In addition, he spent 15 years representing indigent adults and children for the Legal Aid Society of Suffolk County. He also served as an Assistant County Attorney for Suffolk County representing a child protective agency where he conducted numerous trials and hearings that made him an asset in abuse and neglect matters, PINS (Parents in Need of Supervision) and juvenile delinquency proceedings.

Mr. Sorrell is admitted to the State Bars of New York and Connecticut. He earned a degree in Communications at California State University at Sonoma and his Juris Doctor from Touro Law School.

“I am pleased to be a part of this firm,” Mr. Sorrell said. “I look forward to helping our clients who need assistance with their landlord/tenant, civil, traffic and criminal matters.”

“We welcome Timothy to the firm,” said Christopher P. McGuire, Senior Partner, McGuire, Pelaez, Bennett & Belcastro, P.C. “He has extensive experience that will help provide exceptional representation to our clients.”

September 2022

Christopher P. McGuire recently settled several personal injury cases for clients totaling more than $500.000.00. Mr. McGuire has obtained millions of dollars on behalf of clients for car accidents, slip and falls, construction accidents, and other cases.

On behalf of landlords, Mr. McGuire has been evicting tenants despite Covid restrictions.

Representing tenants, Mr. McGuire has ensured that tenants’ rights have been respected and that landlords and their attorneys follow the law.

Mary C. Peláez successfully obtained authorization for a parent to relocate to another state with her two children. The father could not be located and would not appear in court. Ms. Peláez motioned the Court to grant alternate service and the Court authorized the relocation.

Ms. Peláez won custody of a 2-year-old child on behalf of a father after the mother absconded with the child to North Carolina. Ms. Peláez made an emergency Order to the Suffolk Family Court, and her efforts resulted in the return of the child to the father, with the mother only being granted supervised visitation.

Unsubstantiated, vague and insufficient claims of a family offense against a parent were filed. The case was dismissed on our motion and the Order of Protection was vacated.

Brett J. Bennett made motions and obtained a dismissal of an aggravated DWI with a motor vehicle accident.

Mr. Bennett obtained multiple trial dismissals at the Suffolk Traffic Agency (including use of a mobile device, operating without insurance, and other moving violations.)

Mr. Bennett succeeded in vacating an old Uninsured ticket and convinced the Court to grant our motion to dismiss, saving the client thousands and reinstituting his license. The prosecutor appealed and lost.

Mr. Bennett recently several serious felonies were dismissed based on our motions (speedy trial, sufficiency, and other grounds)

A 21-year-old client was charged with several Class B Felonies and faced 25 years in an upstate penitentiary. Luigi Belcastro obtained a non-criminal violation with no jail time or probation.

In Family Court Israel Castillo won custody of child on behalf of our client on the first date. In traffic court, Mr. Castillo had a 6 point speeding ticket reduced to a 0 point parking ticket.

June 2022

McGuire, Peláez & Bennet are pleased to announce the addition of Israel Castillo to the firm in June of 2022.

Mr. Castillo is an experienced bilingual (English/Spanish) attorney.

Mr. Castillo is handling family court, traffic, and district court matters in Suffolk and Nassau counties for the firm.

Prior to joining the firm, he worked for the Suffolk County Legal Aid Society Family Court Bureau where he handled important family court cases, including abuse and neglect cases; violations of child support; termination of parental rights proceedings; custody and visitation proceedings; paternity; family offense and order of protections; and modifications petitions. Mr. Castillo has conducted hundreds of trials in Family Court.

Mr. Castillo graduated from Western Michigan Cooley Law School in 2015.

January 2022

Christopher P. McGuire, Esq. receives LIBN’s Leadership in Law Award

Senior Partner Christopher P. McGuire, Esq. was given the prestigious award of “Leadership in Law” by the Long Island Business News.

The Leadership in Law Award recognizes the recipient’s experience, dedication, hard work, skill, tenacity, and excellence. The annual award is dedicated to individuals who provide leadership in the law and contribute the greater community for Long Islanders.

May 2021

On January 15, 2021, one of our clients was arrested for allegedly driving while intoxicated (DWI). He reportedly had a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .21%, which is more than twice the legal limit. After five appearances for him in court and several motions, however, we were able to get his DWI charge dismissed. Not only will he not be suffering any criminal penalties, but he will also not have a criminal record.

On August 8, 2020, one of our clients was arrested for allegedly drinking and driving. This client took a breath test at the scene and blew a .18% blood alcohol content (BAC), more than twice the legal limit. Our client was arrested, and the prosecutor wanted to put them in jail for ten months. However, attorney Brett Bennett filed a motion to dismiss the case after our client’s right to a speedy trial was violated. The motion was granted, and the client’s case was dismissed and closed.

September 2019

The firm’s client received a speeding ticket (65 mph in a 50 mph zone) out of Brunswick Town Court. The firm was able to reduce this to a parking violation which saved the client 3 points, a higher car insurance quote, and maximum fines. The same client also received another speeding ticket in Tory City Court (56 mph in a 30 mph zone). The firm’s client would have received 6 more points, for a total of 9 points, which would make him responsible to pay a driver assessment fee to the DMV for $500+. The firm was able to reduce this to a second parking ticket.
The firm saved the client additional fees to the DMV and was able to retain the client’s ability to drive.

On a Landlord-Tenant case, the firm represented a client who was blind and disabled. The landlord was looking to evict the client for past due rent. The firm was able to obtain six months to stay on the property and saved the client additional money.

On a criminal matter, the firm represented a client with an exposure of 7 years in an upstate facility and a B felony (sexual conduct with a child less than 13-year-old). We were able to negotiate a please down to D Felony (endangering the welfare of a child) and the client was sentenced to only one year in a local jail, rather than 7 years in a New York State penitentiary.

May 2019

The firm recently resolved a case for a client who was charged with felony Aggravated Unlicensed Operation (AUO) case and ten other misdemeanor allegations of AUO because his license contained 67 suspensions. After clearing the suspensions, the client pleaded guilty to two no-point, non-criminal traffic infractions.

The firm negotiated felony drug court disposition that required the client to successfully completed drug court, and the attendant treatment, after which his two B-felony drug possession/sale charges were dismissed.

April 2019

The firm obtained a medical malpractice settlement of $725,000.00 on behalf of a man who had a foreign object in his foot that was missed by his doctor, who neglected to order an x-ray. The neglect resulted in the partial amputation of the man’s foot.

The firm obtained a settlement on the eve of trial in the amount of $250,000.00 for a man injured in an automobile accident. The insurance company initially offered no money on the case.

Christopher McGuire recently had two separate evictions dismissed on written motions. The firm prosecutes and defends hundreds of evictions every year.

Christopher McGuire represented a man sued by his neighbor in Supreme Court for numerous torts. Mr. McGuire submitted a carefully researched lengthy motion and the case was dismissed in its entirety with prejudice.

August 2018

Firm Partner Christopher P. McGuire was interviewed by News 12 Long Island regarding the Central Islip community being awarded a $10 Million grant to help revitalize its downtown.

McGuire & Peláez PC has announced that the firm has changed its name to McGuire, Peláez & Bennett PC to reflect the recent promotion of one of its attorneys, Brett J. Bennett, to Partner.
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December 2016

A client had been charged with more than 12 town violations exposing her to $36,000.00. Mr. McGuire worked on the case for more than 6 months. Last week the entire case was dismissed on Mr. McGuire’s motion.

March 2016

McGuire, Peláez & Bennett continues to obtain excellent results in Family Court. Recently, Mary Peláez, Esq. won a family offense trial where the client was awarded a permanent Stay Away Order of Protection. “We fight hard on behalf of our clients,” Peláez said. “Here, our client feared for her safety. By winning this trial and securing an Order of Protection, we were able to offer her security and peace of mind,” Peláez added. “An attorney is an advocate. We make sure the law works as it should, and we protect our client’s interests. It is fulfilling when a client is pleased that we obtained good results on their behalf,” she said.

McGuire, Peláez & Bennett is pleased to announce that Christopher McGuire, Esq. recently received dismissals on two separate DWI refusal hearings. “When a person is pulled over for Driving While Intoxicated and refuses to submit to a chemical test/breathalyzer, they face not only criminal charges but also civil penalties.” McGuire said. “Here, our clients faced a one (1) year revocation of their driver’s license and civil monetary penalties. By winning the refusal hearings, we were able to save their driver’s license and a great deal of money. They were both very pleased.”

February 2016

McGuire, Peláez & Bennett is pleased to announce the dismissal of a Felony DWI after trial. Christopher McGuire, Esq. had previously secured the dismissal of the charge on motion. An appellate court reinstated the charge and the case was set down for trial. After trial, the case was dismissed and cannot be refilled. “Persistence is everything in this business, and you have to keep fighting for a client in the face of adversity and setbacks. You can never give up if you want the best outcome for your client,” said McGuire. “This was a great victory for our client. Not only was his case dismissed after trial, but our efforts saved him from being convicted of a crime and serving substantial time in prison. He also faced the long terms suspension of his license,” said McGuire. “The client was thrilled,” he added.

Recently Christopher McGuire, Esq. represented Tenants who were being evicted and the Landlord was seeking $18,720.00 in back rent. “After tough litigation and negotiation, we were able to secure the client ample time to move and the forgiveness of all past due rent. Now the client has the time and money he needs to find a new home for him and his family,” McGuire said.

Christopher McGuire, Esq. recently represented a man charged with Criminal Trespass in the 3rd Degree, a class B Misdemeanor, a crime. Mr. McGuire filed a motion with the Court and secured a dismissal. “These were serious charges,” McGuire said. “The client faced up to 90-days in jail and one (1) year of probation. If he had been convicted, this case would have affected this young man forever,” McGuire said. “By winning this motion and having the charges dismissed, we were able to save the client from having a criminal record. The client was very happy.”

January 2016

McGuire, Peláez & Bennett had a busy month in Landlord Tenant Court where Christopher McGuire, Esq. successfully represented numerous tenants and landlords. In one particular case, Mr. McGuire represented a tenant who was being evicted by his landlord. Mr. McGuire made a motion to dismiss the landlord’s petition. The Judge granted the motion and dismissed the petition. “The client was very pleased because he did not owe any money,” McGuire said.

In addition, Mr. McGuire represented dozens of landlords, securing money judgments and prompt warrants of eviction. “It has been a busy month but a successful one,” McGuire added. “I get a lot of satisfaction out of helping client’s navigate through the Court system and help them by securing positive results.”

December 2015

McGuire, Peláez & Bennett represented a client charged with numerous traffic tickets for operating a motor vehicle without a license, along with several other traffic violations. “The Suffolk County Traffic and Parking Violations Agency is taking a tough position related to Unlicensed Operators. Prosecutors have been seeking bail and jail time,” McGuire said. Nevertheless, McGuire & Peláez was able to resolve the case by reducing all the charges to the parking tickets. “The client was able to avoid jail time and points on his license,” said McGuire. “The client was very happy our hard work kept him out of jail.”

Christopher McGuire, Esq. recently represented tenants who were being evicted, in a case where the landlord was seeking $39,000.00 in back rent. Mr. McGuire submitted a motion to dismiss the Landlord’s petition of which the judge agreed with Mr. McGuire’s arguments and dismissed the petition. “Our client did not owe the money, and we were relieved that our efforts were successful because he can now find a new home and start his life over,” said McGuire. “They (the family) was thrilled,” he added.

Christopher P. McGuire, Esq. has been chosen by The Irish Echo, the oldest Irish newspaper in the United States, as a Law and Order honoree, for his service to the legal profession. He will be given this prestigious award in January in New York City.

November 2015

A client was accused of committing a family offense against his cousin and Mary Peláez, Esq. presented a strong argument to the judge that the allegations alleged in the petition were false. The judge agreed with Ms. Peláez’ argument and dismissed the petition with prejudice. “This was a huge win for our client because this petition cannot be reopened or retried. Our efforts prevented an order of protection from being issued against him. Once an order of protection is in place, a client is vulnerable to arrest from false allegations, due to Suffolk’s mandatory arrest procedure. We are very happy we could help our client obtain a great result,” said Ms. Peláez.

October 2015

Christopher McGuire, Esq. represented a young man charged with driving while intoxicated. After tough negotiations with a supervisor in the prosecutor’s office, Mr. McGuire secured a reduction of the criminal charges to driving while ability impaired, a traffic violation. “This was a young man who made the wrong decision one night. Hard work and persistence is often the key to a successful outcome, and here we were able to protect the client and save him from having a criminal record. We convinced the prosecutor and the judge to give him a second chance and for that the client was extremely grateful,” said McGuire.

McGuire, Peláez & Bennett recently obtained a $100,000.00 settlement on behalf of a client who was a victim of a hit-and-run. “This young man’s life was forever changed the moment the driver struck him,” said McGuire. “We worked hard to find insurance coverage and our client was compensated for his injuries. It was very rewarding to obtain this result for him and he was thrilled.”

September 2015

On behalf of a corporate client, McGuire, Peláez & Bennett won a motion and secured the dismissal of numerous transportation violations. McGuire said, “We saved the corporation thousands of dollars in fines, protected them from increased insurance rates, and saved their employee’s license. It was a great day for our client.”

August 2015

A client was charged with Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance. “The client was facing up to one (1) year incarceration, and three (3) years of probation,” said Christopher McGuire, Esq. Mr. McGuire was pleased to have the charges reduced to a violation. “Being an attorney is about helping people,” McGuire said. “We kept him out of jail and from having a criminal record. For me, that is the most rewarding part of my job, making a real difference in a client’s life.”

July 2015

Christopher McGuire recently represented a woman who had been receiving Worker’s Compensation. She was directed to obtain a criminal lawyer by the Worker’s Compensation Judge because the insurance carrier claimed she committed fraud. Mr. McGuire represented her at the hearing and it was determined that no fraud was committed. Furthermore, she was entitled to keep her benefits. “She had done nothing wrong, and I refused to allow her benefits to be taken,” said McGuire.

Christopher McGuire represented a woman charged with a misdemeanor for violating Suffolk County Laws in the operation of her jewelry business. In addition, the Suffolk County Department of Consumer Affairs was acting to suspend the woman’s business license. McGuire, Peláez & Bennett was able to have the criminal charges dropped and to save her County business license. “This was one of my favorite cases of the year,” said McGuire. “This woman hadn’t intentionally done anything wrong, she just didn’t completely understand all of the filing requirements. She was a hardworking woman who spoke little English. Having the criminal charges dropped allows her to legally work and support her family. We also took the time to translate all of the County requirements, so going forward she has no further issues.”

June 2015

A client had been charged with several drug charges, including the top count of Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the 4th Degree, which is a Class C Felony, punishable by up to 5 1/2 years in prison. After working on the case for more than 10 months, Mr. McGuire was pleased to have the charges reduced to a violation. “The client won’t have a criminal record and can start her life over. This case was particularly rewarding, because our client had never been in trouble before, and I fought hard to keep her from becoming a convicted criminal”, said Chris McGuire.

May 2015

Mr. McGuire secured a reduction of driving while intoxicated to driving while impaired on a refusal case. “The District Attorney’s office usually won’t reduce these charges,” said McGuire. “We were able to secure a reduction by winning the refusal hearing, ordering the minutes, and meeting with a supervisor.” “It takes hard work and persistence to succeed on these cases, but the client was thrilled, and he won’t have a criminal record,” added McGuire.

Mr. McGuire obtained a reduction of a D-felony assault case, to a harassment violation. “I pointed out serious problems with the case to the District Attorney, and we wouldn’t back down,” said McGuire. “As a result, our client won’t have a criminal record and he won’t be deported,” he added.

April 2015

McGuire, Peláez & Bennett is pleased to announce a recovery on behalf of a client in the amount of $530,000.00. The client was injured in an automobile accident and required neck surgery and extensive physical therapy. “We were so happy to secure this victory for our client,” said Christopher P. McGuire, Esq. “He suffered a great deal and to obtain this result for him was rewarding,” he added.

March 2015

Recently McGuire, Peláez & Bennett represented a young man who had been charged with a felony charge of Criminal Contempt, two misdemeanor charges of Criminal Contempt, Loitering on School Grounds, two counts of Criminal Possession of Marijuana, and Criminal Possession of a Weapon. After working on the case for more than eight months, McGuire, Peláez & Bennett secured a non-criminal resolution of the case. “This was a young man who was on the wrong path” said Mary Pelaez, Esq. “We worked with his mother to turn his life around and then convinced the prosecutor and the judge to give him a second chance,” said Pelaez. “It’s particularly gratifying — now his future is up to him,” she added.

January 2015

McGuire, Peláez & Bennett was retained by a home purchaser to secure the refund of his down payment. The purchaser had deposited his life savings towards the purchase of his home. Several months into the transaction, the lender notified the purchaser that he did not qualify for a loan. The Seller’s attorney refused to return the down payment claiming the purchaser was in default. For more than 5 months, the purchasers’ attorney was unable to secure and return his client’s down payment at which point the purchaser hired McGuire, Peláez & Bennett. In less than 2 weeks after the intervention of McGuire Pelaez, P.C., the purchaser received his full down payment back. “This case was so rewarding because the down payment was my client’s entire savings. It was his life’s work. I was so happy to hand him his check,” said McGuire.

Mr. McGuire has been requested to write an article for the Suffolk County Bar Association newspaper on handling criminal cases in the local criminal courts. “I’m delighted to share my experience as a lawyer, judge, and prosecutor, with my colleagues,” said McGuire. The article will be published shortly and will be shared upon publication.

McGuire, Peláez & Bennett are pleased to announce the dismissal of a criminal case on behalf of a client. The client had been charged with Aggravated Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle, a crime. McGuire, Peláez & Bennett submitted a motion to dismiss, and the judge granted the motion. “After getting the case dismissed, we help the client obtain his license. It’s gratifying when you can solve a client’s immediate problem, and then set them on the right path to avoid any future issues,” said Mr. McGuire.

November 2014

McGuire, Peláez & Bennett recently secured a reduction in a felony assault case. The client was a licensed accountant. He had been engaged in an altercation and charged with a felony. After a series of motions and conference with the DA and the Court, the felony charge was reduced to a non-criminal, violation, and the record was sealed. “The client is thrilled”, said McGuire, “because he can get on with his life and have the career he imagined. The best part of my job is attaining second chances for people.” The client had been facing a felony conviction, the loss of his license, upstate prison time, probation, and high fines. “He avoided all of these penalties” said McGuire.

McGuire, Peláez & Bennettrecently represented a landlord in a complex eviction proceeding. After a long and contentious trial, the Landlord prevailed in evicting a problem tenant who had been menacing the landlord. “Now the landlord can start to sleep well at night again”, said McGuire.

McGuire, Peláez & Bennett recently won a custody case for a mother after trial. “Mom was thrilled” said Ms. Pelaez. “These kinds of cases are very stressful for all parties involved. In addition to being an advocate I make sure I spend the time and effort to counsel and assure our clients to help them through a difficult time and process. The client needs to be informed about what is going on with the case, and needs to be reassured that everything will be all right in the end,” said Ms. Pelaez.

McGuire, Peláez & Bennett recently received an award of $240,000.00 on a car accident case on behalf of a client. “The case had been with another firm for several years and the client was dissatisfied. She left that firm and hired us on a recommendation. Within several months we obtained an outstanding result for our client,” said McGuire.

McGuire, Peláez & Bennett recently negotiated a settlement for a tenant. The tenant was being evicted and the landlord was seeking $15,000.00 in back rent and an immediate eviction. Mr. McGuire was able to negotiate 60 days for the tenant to vacate and all back rent was waived. “We got the client more time and saved them a great deal of money”, said McGuire. “They needed money to relocate and the result we obtained gives them a new start.”

July 2014

McGuire, Peláez & Bennett recently had great results on several motions its attorneys submitted in County Court. A felony DWI was dismissed on a motion, and two felony Assault cases were reduced to misdemeanors, in the last several weeks. “We pay attention to our client’s cases, we do the research and put in the time necessary to get good results,” said Christopher P. McGuire, managing partner of the firm. “It shows in the results we obtain,” he added.

June 2014

McGuire, Peláez & Bennett is pleased to announce that Genesis Russell has been employed by the firm as the front office manager. Ms. Russell was the branch manager for Citibank in Central Islip for several years before joining the firm. “Ms. Russell knows the community well. It is critical that support staff provide excellent service to clients, and Ms. Russell’s ability to provide prompt and efficient support to clients is second to none,” said Christopher P. McGuire, managing partner. Ms. Russell had previous experience working as an executive assistant at a law firm, and also managed a Citibank branch in Manhattan. She is responsible for all areas of client support and community relations. Ms. Russell is fluent in Spanish. “She is an important part of our recent expansion, and her experience in residential home loans will invaluable to our clients,” said McGuire. McGuire, Peláez & Bennett plans a major announcement soon about its expanding real estate division.

March 2014

Christopher McGuire recently announced that he retired from his position as Village Justice in Patchogue. “I spent 12 years as a Criminal Court Judge”, said McGuire. “I am extremely proud of my public service, but I0 wanted to be able to devote 100 % of my time and attention to my law practice.” Mr. McGuire adjudicated more than 100,000 cases in his tenure as Village Justice. He taught other judges on legal procedure and record keeping, and was well respected by judges and attorneys alike.

McGuire, Peláez & Bennett is pleased to announce that it obtained a dismissal of an indictment on a felony DWI on March 13, 2014. The client was facing 1-1/3 — 4 years in jail. Christopher McGuire submitted a written motion seeking dismissal of the charges arguing that the evidence presented was insufficient to support the charges. “Our client maintained his innocence and we consistently maintained that the charges were unsustainable,” said McGuire. “We are grateful that the judge agreed,” he added.

February 2014

McGuire, Peláez & Bennett is proud to announce that its attorneys continue to produce good results for its clients. “We have consistently been able to preserve our client’s licenses; particularly those in danger of losing them due to multiple traffic infractions. We fight hard on behalf of our clients, handling in excess of 150 criminal and traffic cases per month,” said Christopher P. McGuire, Esq. “We’ve also been handling more than 50 landlord tenant cases per month, fighting hard on behalf of landlords and tenants to obtain consistent results,” said McGuire.

MMcGuire, Peláez & Bennett also continues to succeed in Family Court. Mary C. Pelaez, Esq., based on her experience and reputation, is proud to announce that she has been appointed by Family Court Judges in Suffolk County to be a Court appointed Law Guardian and Assigned Counsel. Ms. Pelaez handles more than 25 private and assigned cases in the Family Court on a weekly basis, representing litigants in matters of Support, Custody, Visitation, Family Offenses, Neglect, Abuse, and Delinquency proceedings. “I get a lot of satisfaction out of helping clients in these difficult cases,” said Ms. Pelaez. “Families are often seriously stressed when they arrive in Family Court. I fight hard for good results, at the same time trying to provide calm and reassuring practical advice. Family Court is a difficult place to practice, but I love what I do because I can make a difference in the lives of so many people,” said Ms. Pelaez.

November 2013

A client was charged with speeding 120 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone (11 points), reckless driving (a crime), failure to signal lane change, and operating out of class. Christopher McGuire was able to obtain a resolution of the case that involved the client obtaining a 3 points speeding ticket and all other charges were dismissed. “We kept our client out of jail, saved his driver’s license and prevented him from having a criminal record. He was very happy,” said McGuire.

September 2013

McGuire, Peláez & Bennett is pleased to announce that partner Mary C. Pelaez recently won a contentious adoption trial in Family Court. Ms. Pelaez represented a father seeking to invalidate the recent adoption of his child. The client/father was never informed by the mother 1). that he was the father of their child; and 2). that she had put the child up for adoption. In an uphill battle, Ms. Pelaez brought a proceeding in Family Court seeking to invalidate the recent placement and adoption with adoptive parents, and to have the child placed in the custody of the father. After a contentious trial, the Court agreed with the position advocated by Ms. Pelaez, invalidated the adoption, and ordered that the child be placed with the father. “The father in this case had a right to contest this adoption and to seek to raise his child on his own. I am so pleased that we were able to give him chance to do just that,” said Ms. Pelaez.

McGuire, Peláez & Bennett is pleased to announce that Ms. Pelaez also recently won a trial in the Landlord Tenant Court.  On behalf the owner of a home, McGuire, Peláez & Bennett commenced a proceeding to evict a family member who had ceased paying rent.  The family member was represented by an attorney for Nassau Suffolk Law Services.  The respondent tenant argued that she had a constructive trust. The judge agreed with Ms. Pelaez’ argument that a landlord tenant relationship existed and that the family member failed to pay the rent on time, ordering that the tenant be evicted. “The landlord has a mortgage to pay, and when a tenant stops paying rent, even if that tenant is a family member, it has dire consequences for the owner.  I’m so glad we could help this client,” said Ms. Pelaez.

July 2013

McGuire, Peláez & Bennett had a busy day in a Landlord Tenant case during one day in July. Out of five cases, three proceeded to trial. Christopher P. McGuire, Esq., represented two landlords and one tenant in those trials. McGuire was successful in all three cases, obtaining money judgments and warrants of evictions for his landlords, and a dismissal on the case wherein he represented the tenant. The other two cases Mr. McGuire successfully resolved through negotiations. “It was a long day but a good one because we helped a lot of clients,” said McGuire.

June 2013

McGuire, Peláez & Bennett announced that it recently a speedy eviction for a landlord in Islip Town. “The tenant wasn’t paying the rent and was damaging the landlord’s property.” “We moved swiftly to evict the tenant, obtained a money judgment for the landlord, and saved his property”, said Christopher McGuire, partner with the firm. McGuire, Peláez & Bennett represents landlords and tenants throughout Suffolk and Nassau counties every week.

McGuire, Peláez & Bennett announced it again obtained the dismissal of a criminal case on behalf of a client charged with Aggravated Unlicensed Operation of a motor vehicle.

McGuire, Peláez & Bennett announced it won a trial in Family Court. A father had been accused of committing family offense against his stepdaughter. “The charges were false and appear to have been manufactured to obtain an order of protection for the purpose of “evicting” the father from the home.”, said Mary Pelaez, partner with the firm. Through a vigorous cross examination of the daughter, Ms. Pelaez convinced the judge that the charges were unsustainable and the case was dismissed.

McGuire, Peláez & Bennett announced that Christopher McGuire received a dismissal for a client of a refusal hearing on a DWI. The client had been in an accident and was charged with DWI. He faced a one year revocation of his license. As a result of the cross examination of the arresting police officer, the judge closed out the hearing in favor of the defendant.

May 2013

McGuire and Pelaez secured a $25,000.00 payment each for a husband and wife injured in an automobile accident. “We secured the maximum from the insurance carrier for the offending motorist,” said Christopher McGuire. “We are now pursuing the excess coverage available to obtain additional monies for the couple.”

April 2013

McGuire, Peláez & Bennett recently obtained $25,000.00 each for a husband and wife who were rear-ended in an automobile collision. “This will help make this couple whole,” said Christopher P. McGuire, partner with the firm. “Now we are going to seek to recover additional monies from a supplemental insurance policy to further compensate them for their injuries.”

McGuire, Peláez & Bennett won a refusal hearing on 4/30/13 on behalf of a client on a DUI case. “In winning this hearing, we saved our client a great deal of money, and he avoided a 1-year revocation of his license,” said McGuire.

McGuire, Peláez & Bennett won a motion and secured the dismissal of a case against a corporate client facing over $10,000.00 in fines for transportation violations.

McGuire, Peláez & Bennett won a motion to dismiss a case against a client charged with a Misdemeanor for Aggravated Unlicensed Operation. “The dismissal means our client will not have a criminal record, her license and insurance will not be affected, and she will not have to pay any fines,” said McGuire.

February 2013

McGuire, Peláez & Bennett is pleased to announce that it recently obtained a $1.75 million dollar award on behalf of a client for injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident. The client had been involved in a head on collision wherein the offending driver had crossed over a divider causing severe and permanent injuries to the client. “We worked hard to obtain the award by seeking reimbursement from multiple insurance sources. This was a complicated case and it took a substantial effort to obtain this result. We can’t undo our client’s injuries, but we made sure our client was compensated for lost wages and the pain and suffering he had to endure.” said Christopher P. McGuire. “His family’s financial future is now secure, and that makes all our hard work worth it.”

This comes on the heels of last year’s successful prosecution of a personal injury claim wherein a client suffered severe injuries at a work accident caused by an outside contractor. McGuire, Peláez & Bennett secured $1.25 million on that claim on behalf of their client.

September 2012

A client was pulled over in a traffic stop. He was charged with Felony Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance, Misdemeanor Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance, and speeding (100/55 mph). He faced time in an upstate prison. McGuire and Pelaez was able to secure a reduction in the speeding ticket to 75/55 and to have all other charges dismissed. The client was able to avoid jail, probation, and the case was resolved in a way that left him without a criminal record. And the client’s driver’s license was saved!

A client received an 11 point speeding ticket in Riverhead Town Court (105/55mph). He faced the revocation of his driver’s license. McGuire and Pelaez obtained a dismissed of the ticket on a motion.

August 2012

A defendant was charged with Driving under the Influence of Drugs and Possession of a Controlled Substance, crimes punishable by a year in jail. McGuire, Peláez & Bennett obtained a reduction of the DUI charge to a violation, and secured a dismissal of the possession charge on a motion. The defendant paid a fine and was able to keep his license.

A corporate defendant was charged with transportation violations that exposed the company to thousands of dollars in fines and a suspension of its registration. The case was dismissed on a motion submitted by McGuire, Peláez & Bennett.

McGuire, Peláez & Bennett secured a reduction in a client’s 4 point speeding ticket to a no-point parking ticket.

A client was charged with Larceny and faced 1 year in jail and the loss of her future in the military. After a written motion to dismiss was submitted the prosecutor agreed to reduce the charges to a violation, clearing the way for the defendant’s career advancement.

A client was charged with traffic misdemeanors and faced a 1 year revocation of his license. All 5 charges against her were dismissed on a motion.

May 2012

McGuire, Peláez & Bennett were pleased to announce that they were able to secure an outright dismissal on 6 traffic tickets that were pending in a local criminal court on behalf of a client.

“The client was facing jail time and the suspension of his license plus thousands of dollars in fines,” Mary C. Pelaez, a partner with the firm, said. “It was rewarding to obtain such a good result.”


What could I say that hasn't been said already about Mr.McGuire? He was very prompt with responding to my initial inquiry and very confident my case could be handled. He was extremely kind, reasonable and above all easy to speak to. The office staff was very kind and welcoming. My experience was great and that's why I have used him again and again. Thank you for everything!!
Amazing attorneys, they helped me a lot to win my case. Recommend 100%
Roque Franco
Roque Franco
Incredible and profecional. Can't ask for moreHighly recommend 👌
Jorge Ramos
Jorge Ramos
Mr. Bennett and his law firm has helped me in traffic cases. Thank you, recommend 100%
Anqel X
Anqel X
Larry Wasek
Larry Wasek
This law firm did a really good job. They were really helpful. Very profesional place.
Everyone was very helpful. They helped me ger my traffic ticket into a parking ticket with no points. I will continue to come here for whatever it is. Truly the best.
John Wells
John Wells
My case was handled very well, the receptionist is great
Kleber Guaillas
Kleber Guaillas
I am very pleased with the service here. I will continue coming back for more help. The ladies in the front were the best!
Kyle Jermyn
Kyle Jermyn
McGuire and his team were very professional and on top of my cases. I recommend this law firm 100%
Jaimeson Graham
Jaimeson Graham
Highly Professional and caring firm that caters to their clients. The office manager, Daslin, takes care of every detail along with the rest of the amazing staff. Extremely organized and willing to work with anyone!
They were really good and thorough and helped me fight and win my case. I would recommend them 100+%
Yeah I'm going to recommend a lawyer for anything, always get a lawyer , this place is awesome no points and just a fine worth the money remember people don't work for free and points or conviction costs way more
Edgar Pereira
Edgar Pereira
McGuire, Peláez, Bennett & Belcastro, P.C is the third time they have help me with tickets and lic suspension I recently had tickets, they are all dismissed my lic is clean because of there awesome work lawyers and all the staff are so helpful always available to answer my questions
I have been with this firm for a couple years they have represented me now for several traffic violations/infractions. impeccable professionalism and service, and the results of the case were reduced or dismiss. I would like to show a special appreciation to the staff, from the paralegals to the interns to they are diligent, prepared and concise especially Jasmine the receptionist she welcomes the clients with open arms.
This staff is amazing! Stayed on top of my case at all times! Always kept me posted! Very professional! And had my speeding ticket knocked down to a parking ticket. Highly recommend this office!
Mark Goode
Mark Goode
Highly recommend! Professional, easy, quick and effective.
James Closs
James Closs
I made the right decision going there. They are very professional, nice and knowledgeable. I recommend if you need a good lawyer to go there.
Laura Gray
Laura Gray
Attentive, responsive, thorough, knowledgeable, EFFECTIVE!
Waberte Ati
Waberte Ati
Today, I had the pleasure of being represented by Timothy V. Sorell, Esq, of McGuire, Pelaez, Bennett & Belcastro, P.C., in court, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the outcome. From the moment I met Mr. Sorell, his kindness and patience stood out. He was not only empathetic to my situation but also extremely diligent in his approach to my case.Mr. Sorell’s expertise was evident throughout the entire process. He was well-prepared, articulate, and persuasive in court. His dedication to my case was unwavering, and it was clear that he put a significant amount of effort into ensuring that we had the best possible chance of success.I would also like to extend my gratitude to the entire team at McGuire, Pelaez, Bennett & Belcastro, P.C. for their support and collaboration. Their professionalism and commitment were instrumental in achieving a favorable outcome.I am grateful for Mr. Sorell’s representation and the collective effort of the law office. I would highly recommend their services to anyone in need of legal assistance. Thank you for your exceptional service and for securing a favorable outcome in my case.
genesis freire
genesis freire
This law firm is the best. I was charged with a petit larceny and could have gotten q criminal record. Luigi got the case discussed. Thank you.
Scott Trapani
Scott Trapani
Brett has been a rockstar for us. Unfortunately we have had a couple of issues with my youngest, the last one being a speeding ticket. Brett handled it professionally for us, saving us the aggravation of travel for a court appearance. He was able to get the points penalty removed and just had to pay a fine that was manageable. Well worth it vs the headache of what our insurance would have been like! If I am in this situation again, I know who my family will be turning to.
Amazing attorneys, very helpful.
Michael Cotoia
Michael Cotoia
Absolutely great experience! Was recommended through a friend, came in as a first time client, everyone was extremely nice, helpful, and professional throughout the whole process, was told not to worry it would be taken care of… couple months later I get a call and the tickets cleared with the exact results I was looking to get!! Would very highly recommend Chris Mcguire and this firm!! Thank you guys again!
Morgan Orlick
Morgan Orlick
This place is awesome. You need to go to them for all your traffic needs. They helped me get a speeding down to a parking ticket. I will use them for all my future traffic tickets for now on.
Jayne Furia
Jayne Furia
Always helpful for the tickets I’ve had, came in on a Sunday when it was closed and took on my case. Very nice lawyer (Chris) who’s respectful and great at what he does.
Super professional and helped me with my traffic ticket. Highly recommended for any issue. Thank you!
Dominic Piccolo
Dominic Piccolo
Everyone in this law firm was outstanding. Everyone was so helpful and kind. The lady at the front desk was phenomenal. They made everything easy and simple. I will continue to come back to them if needed in the future.
Got me no points when I was stopped apparently going 85 in a 50 by state police. I recommend Mr. McGuire for traffic court for sure.
Christine Jorge
Christine Jorge
I recently had the pleasure of working with Chris McGuire, and I can confidently say that he exceeded all expectations. From the moment I set up a consultation with him, I was impressed by his attentiveness and genuine concern for my situation. Chris took the time to listen to all of my concerns and made me feel truly heard, which immediately put me at ease.Throughout our discussions, Chris demonstrated a remarkable level of honesty and transparency. He didn't sugarcoat anything; instead, he provided me with a thorough understanding of all possible outcomes, ensuring that I was well-informed every step of the way.I am incredibly pleased with how everything turned out, and I credit Chris for his dedication and expertise. He exemplifies what every attorney should strive to be – compassionate, knowledgeable, and committed to achieving the best possible outcome for their clients.Without hesitation, I would turn to Chris McGuire and his staff for any future legal needs. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone in search of exceptional legal representation. Thank you, Chris, for your outstanding work
Linsay T
Linsay T
They were absolutely great! My insurance didn't go through to the DMV properly so I got pulled over & the cop was a jerk. Wrote me a bunch of unnecessary tickets. I was really struggling financially as well & couldn't miss work over this, so they were so kind to work out an arrangement with me. Very thankful for this group of lawyers
Jose Sepulveda
Jose Sepulveda
Marlene Pessoa
Marlene Pessoa
Mr. McGuire was extremely honest with the consultation and that was well appreciated. I felt comfortable and would recommend them to anyone who would benefit from their services.
Cesar Garcia
Cesar Garcia
Chris is an excellent lawyer. He is very kind and helpful. He helped me with my son’s traffic case. I would recommend him a million times and more.
For me, the best lawyers in Long Island, New York, have helped me resolve two cases, one related to traffic and the other in real estate. I am very pleased with McGuire Peláez & Bennett PC.
Jenrry Giron
Jenrry Giron
They were so Kind and very helpful.
I was able to visit the office today where they attended with courtesy and they made me feel very comfortable. I am extremely grateful for their help. Whoever needs help with any situation I would recommend them! They are attentive and helpful.
d gonzo
d gonzo
This is the most helpful law office I've ever dealt with. Through the past few years they have handled traffic citations for each of my teen boys, who are otherwise good drivers but unfortunately experienced mishaps. In every case they were responsive and effective and have saved us significant money by working with the court to reduce or eliminate penalties and points. Highly recommended.
Great help. Chris really helped me understand what needed to be done. Thank you guys!
Muy buenos abogados
Danilo Ramos
Danilo Ramos
They are very helpful, and honest
Danny Saturne
Danny Saturne
Absolutely professional and efficient when handling my case.
Buen abogado gracias ayudarme a remover mi multa
Marie Tossaint
Marie Tossaint
Karen was Very helpful and kind. she's the best! I would recommend them to anyone & everyone!
Louis Merced
Louis Merced
Trust this law firm !
Very nice, quickly assisted, great response from everyone working here.
Marvin Sanchez
Marvin Sanchez
Mr.Bennett and his team helped me when i needed them the most. Amazing work!
marvin deleon
marvin deleon
Very helpful firm and people. McGuire has helped me a lot! Very thankful for this firm.
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