Went there for a personal injury case. Got into a pretty bad accident but was able to get something positive out of it. Upon arriving I sat with Chris’s assistant, she did my intake and then I sat with her and Chris. I signed up and later on during the week I sat with an attorney they work with and it felt good knowing they were confident in my case and I had a lot of attorneys working on it. I ended up getting a really good settlement check, everything went smoothly, and I appreciate how hard they worked for me. I recommend everyone to go here. They’re great.
– Devin R.

Went to the office on a personal criminal case. First thought was that the office is very nice looking, the women in the front are very professional, polite and work fast to try and get everyone seen in a reasonable time. I initially sat with the head attorney, Chris who told me about my case and what would possibly be the outcome. He also answered all my questions and made me feel better and not so stressed out about what I had going on. He then brought his partner, Brett who does their criminal cases. I felt comfortable hiring them knowing I had two attorneys working on my case and also knowing that they had a lot of experience. I sat with Brett once there was a reasonable offer and we decided it was best for me. Brett was there with me in court every single time and always tried to help me and look out for my future. The retainer fee also wasn’t as expensive as I thought it would be which was helpful for a young guy such as myself. I would return for any other problems but I’m just hoping I won’t have to!
– Jason P.

I had several suspensions on my license and came here for some help. I sat down with Chris and his assistant, Daslin. I ended up retaining for a license restoration case. Daslin helped me throughout the way by calling the DMV and helping me fill out all applications and telling me what needed to be done and paid. I also sat with their traffic attorney Brett, he helped me find out all of the open tickets I had in traffic court and let me know how to pay them. I was able to get my license back and it happened pretty quickly too! Will definitely go back if I ever have any other problems.
– Ammie K.

I can’t thank Mr. McGuire, Madeline & their staff enough for all they did for me, they made me feel like family, gave me an affordable price, and won my eviction case on the first court date…. this was a nightmare tenant and it was a very difficult time for me, and the court date was on my birthday! The best present I ever received!!!! Thank you!!!
– Rhonda D.

Chris is an amazing attorney and has helped me with my legal needs. He has a great staff that is always available to help.
– Joel L.

I was looking for an attorney to represent my case. Upon several conversations with friends, the name of McGuire, Peláez, and Bennett was the recommended firm. I scheduled an appointment for a consultant. Upon arrival, the staff was friendly professional and extremely knowledgeable. I met directly with Mr. Christopher McGuire. I immediately felt as if I had made the right decision. Mr. McGuire took the time to assure me that he would do everything in his power to rectify my situation. If you are looking for the Best when it comes to legal representation please look no further. Mr. McGuire is not only an attorney but also served as a judge and prosecutor. His firm is extremely reputable and I assure you will be in great hands.
– Alva C.

Chris is an amazing lawyer and has helped my family with all our legal needs.
– Karen L.

Dear Madeline and staff,
I would like to say that I appreciate your excellent and professional services that you’ve provided to my daughter and I. You are very helpful and highly knowledgeable with the landlord-tenant process. The staff is very friendly and helpful as well. Madeline has always been attentive and caring to our situation in which I greatly appreciate. Your professionalism code of conduct in my eyes on a scale from one-to-ten is a ten. I want to also thank you for informing me of the proper steps that were needed to get our situation properly rectified. I’m so thankful and grateful that Mr. McGuire have you and the young ladies in the front by his side and in my opinion would never have to have any worries on how you conduct business. I look forward to conducting even more business when we purchase a house.
– Joyce H.

Chris, you’re the best! You’ve helped us with your knowledge & understanding of the law. Your staff is very knowledgeable and kind. Thank you for all that you do! We Highly recommend him!
– Kateryn M.

Thank you to the legal team at McGuire, Pelaez & Bennett PC for being so helpful with resolving my traffic violations.
– Janice R.

I have been using McGuire, Peláez & Bennett P.C. for 25 years and have always had excellent results. I have used them for criminal, family court, and all my real estate needs. I highly recommend this firm, I would never use anyone else. I have never been unhappy or disappointed with my outcome.
– Cherie F.

I hired Christopher McGuire to fight a speeding ticket for me and he won getting the ticket dropped completely. I highly recommend his firm, they are all very friendly and very professional.
– Jim F.

Mr. McGuire and his entire staff were professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. They provided outstanding service for me and I will certainly use them in the future.
– Andrew G.

Thank you for all of your help. You did an amazing job with a difficult situation for myself and my family. You also have an excellent staff working for you! Thank you again!
– Mary S.

Just a note to let you know that efficiency accompanied by courtesy is a rare combination in today’s work world. The courtesy extended to me by yourself and your staff over the past years has been impressive. As a property manager for over 15 years and not always finding the best attorney to handle our business, your firm stepped it up and the outcome was a tremendous savings across the board. That being said it has always been a pleasure working with you and look forward to a continued long healthy relationship. It is truly refreshing to work with such wonderful people. Thank you for everything you all do!!
– Debbie, Real Estate Property Manager

I am so thankful for all your work and cooperation with me during this challenging time I was faced with. Your office was more than accommodating and you were all a pleasure to meet and work with. Once again thank you for showing me such attentiveness, kindness, and for helping me get through this hard time.
– Rayanne

We hired McGuire, Peláez & Bennett P.C. earlier this year. Mr. McGuire and his staff was knowledgeable and courteous. As you should expect this with any firm you hire, sadly that is not always the case. Mr. McGuire and his paralegal Tammy went “above and beyond”. As we had never needed this type of legal counsel before, to say we were stressed out would be an understatement. Our experience was that the office was compassionate and caring. By the time we left their office we were not only calm, but felt we were in good hands. You can pay any firm for their legal advice, but you can’t put a price on the human factor, and that is what you get with McGuire, Peláez & Bennett P.C. We would not hesitate to hire this firm again should we need legal counsel in the future.
– Laura P., Ronkonkoma

Very happy with the case and how her case and her son’s case went. Chris fought in the courtroom very hard for them to get a good result.
– Lidia V.

Chris has helped me and my family a lot in and he kept me out of jail when I was told by the prosecutor and judge I would be going.
– Jose G.

Chris has been my attorney for years. He is a great lawyer and it is great to have an attorney like him on your side when you really need it.
– Amado S.

Chris rocks! Chris is amazing. I will recommend Chris to everyone who needs an awesome attorney.
– Kimberly P.