Luigi Belcastro Esq., Associate Attorney

Luigi Belcastro, Esq. is an experienced Criminal Attorney, spending more than 12 years as a Suffolk County District Attorney from 2008-2020.  As a prosecutor, Mr. Belcastro successfully prosecuted thousands of cases.  He was well respected for his abilities and repeatedly promoted.  As a result of his successes, he was assigned to the Enhanced Prosecution Bureau in Riverhead, where he handled serious and high-publicity felony criminal cases.  His experience includes prosecuting organized crime and gang activity, assault, counterfeit currency, prostitution, gun-related offenses, and murder cases. As a prosecutor, Mr. Belcastro conducted a wide diversity and a significant number of jury trials.

Since joining our firm in 2019, Mr. Belcastro has concentrated on serious criminal defense cases as well as civil litigation. He has conducted numerous DWI and other criminal and traffic trials on behalf of the firm, bringing his considerable experience and his passion to fight hard for each client he represents. Mr. Belcastro handles most of the firm’s felonies and trials throughout Suffolk, Nassau, and the five boroughs.

Mr. Belcastro is a graduate of Hofstra Law School and is a first-generation Italian immigrant.