Five Reasons to Retain Private Criminal Counsel

By law, every person charged with a crime in the United States is guaranteed legal representation in court. If they cannot pay for their lawyer, the court will even pay for their lawyer so they can get that representation. While public defenders are generally competent at their jobs, there are still substantial reasons to consider getting a private lawyer instead of sticking with your court-appointed one. Here are five reasons you should consider getting a private lawyer in your criminal case: Continue reading “Five Reasons to Retain Private Criminal Counsel”

More Than One Third of Americans Face Homelessness

A new report by the United States Census Bureau has said that more than a third of all Americans are facing homelessness in the next two months. This is based on the number of American households that have missed mortgage or rent payments and who are unlikely to meet the necessary requirements to avoid foreclosure or eviction. This comes along with the expiration of federal and state eviction moratoriums that are set to end with the New Year. Continue reading “More Than One Third of Americans Face Homelessness”

Five Reasons to Get a Prenup

A prenup, short for a prenuptial agreement, used to be considered taboo to discuss, and many people are still uncomfortable talking about getting a prenup with their fiance. As time has gone on, though, more people have realized that a prenup can be helpful, even if they ultimately never get divorced. Here are five reasons you should consider getting a prenup for yourself and your future spouse: Continue reading “Five Reasons to Get a Prenup”

What is a Bail Bond, and How Does it Work?

If you are familiar with the American criminal justice system, you have likely heard of bail, as well as bail bonds. These bonds play an integral role in the bail system, but also often result in people losing their livelihoods and their freedom. But what exactly is a bail bond, and why would you even want to get one? Continue reading “What is a Bail Bond, and How Does it Work?”

Five Things to Know About Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

“Bankruptcy” can sound like a scary word to people who are in financial distress. Some people would rather suffer and lose everything rather than consider bankruptcy. And yet, it can be a major lifeline for individuals struggling with debt, and in the case of Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you may not need to even adjust your lifestyle that much. Here are five things you should know about Chapter 13 bankruptcy: Continue reading “Five Things to Know About Chapter 13 Bankruptcy”

What is the Right to Remain Silent?

Plenty of people have heard of the right to remain silent in the context of American criminal law. Despite it being common knowledge, however, not everyone understands it, or what its implications are. So what exactly is the right to remain silent, and what happens if someone violates that right? Continue reading “What is the Right to Remain Silent?”

Don’t Let a Holiday Celebration Turn Into A DWI

November and December are supposed to be festive months for most people. The celebrations that happen in late Autumn and early Winter give people plenty of opportunity to celebrate with family… and also plenty of opportunities to drink and make grave mistakes. Thus, it is not all that surprising that there is no other time of year where more people drive while intoxicated (DWI) or drive under the influence (DUI) than during the holiday season. Continue reading “Don’t Let a Holiday Celebration Turn Into A DWI”

What Makes a Divorce “No-Fault?”

There is a chance you have heard of “no-fault” divorce, especially if you have been considering getting a divorce yourself. For many people, it can seem like an odd term, especially when many no-fault divorces still wind up being incredibly contentious. But what is it that makes no-fault divorce special, and what is the alternative? Continue reading “What Makes a Divorce “No-Fault?””

What is a Stop-and-Frisk Search?

If you live in New York, chances are you have heard about the police tactic of “stop-and-frisk” searches. These searches have been the subject of extensive controversy throughout the years, particularly in big cities where the practice is incredibly common. But what is a stop-and-frisk, exactly, and why do so many people get up in arms about them? Continue reading “What is a Stop-and-Frisk Search?”

Brooklyn Landlords Allegedly Tricked NY State in “Rent-Free” Scheme

A collection of Brooklyn landlords are facing a class action suit, alleging they defrauded both their own tenants and New York State by promising a “rent-free” month to get around rent stabilization laws. This scheme allegedly allowed landlords to overcharge their tenants for apartments that were supposed to be regulated, in violation of state law. The plaintiff alleges this scheme also allowed landlords to raise their rents higher than they normally would be allowed, harming tenants. Continue reading “Brooklyn Landlords Allegedly Tricked NY State in “Rent-Free” Scheme”