Five Things You Should Know About Spousal Maintenance

Spousal maintenance, also known as spousal support or alimony, is an important part of protecting the rights of spouses after a divorce. Without it, many divorcing spouses would face undue hardship, struggling to pay for themselves and their dependents without the income of their ex-spouse. Here are five things you need to know about spousal maintenance:

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How to Improve Your Chances in Your Child Custody Case

When you are getting divorced and you are fighting with your spouse over child custody, you are probably very concerned about making sure you get the best outcome for your case. Fortunately, there are certain things you can do to improve your odds and minimize the risk of unforeseen problems jeopardizing your chances. Here are five ways you can improve your chances of a favorable outcome in your child custody case: Continue reading “How to Improve Your Chances in Your Child Custody Case”

Five Ways Social Media Can Cause Problems in a Divorce

More than 220 million Americans have at least one social media account, and most of them use social media on a regular basis. While this is not strictly a problem by itself, the ways people use social media can potentially cause problems, especially for someone involved in divorce proceedings. Here are five ways that social media can cause problems in a divorce: Continue reading “Five Ways Social Media Can Cause Problems in a Divorce”

Five Things You Should Know About Child Support

Child support is the payment awarded by the court to a custodial parent from a non-custodial parent to cover the costs of raising and caring for a child. In any divorce where child custody comes up as an issue, it will almost always follow. If you are in a divorce proceeding and you are concerned about this subject, you should keep these five things in mind: Continue reading “Five Things You Should Know About Child Support”

Five Things You May Want to Know About Visitation Rights

Visitation rights are often a contentious issue in any divorce where minor children are involved. Often, they cause just as many issues as arguments over child custody, and some people conflate the two issues, even though they are not one in the same. Here are five things you should know about visitation rights if you find yourself in this sort of dispute: Continue reading “Five Things You May Want to Know About Visitation Rights”

What Makes a Divorce “No-Fault?”

There is a chance you have heard of “no-fault” divorce, especially if you have been considering getting a divorce yourself. For many people, it can seem like an odd term, especially when many no-fault divorces still wind up being incredibly contentious. But what is it that makes no-fault divorce special, and what is the alternative? Continue reading “What Makes a Divorce “No-Fault?””

Five Reasons to Consider a Prenuptial Agreement

Despite the potential advantages, many people are hesitant to get a prenuptial agreement, which is colloquially known as a prenup. Some people are simply so in love with their fiance that they do not even want to contemplate the possibility that their relationship might sour at some point in the future. Others feel that getting a prenup is like dooming their relationship to fail in advance. Still, getting a prenuptial agreement is simply a part of good planning, and here are five reasons why: Continue reading “Five Reasons to Consider a Prenuptial Agreement”

Order of Protection Applications During the COVID Crisis

The coronavirus put most legal proceedings on hold for its duration, with nonessential matters delayed until courts could fully reopen. However, what many people do not realize is that this did not stop people from filing orders of protection in family court matters, helping to protect them from abusive family members. If you have been the victim of abuse or violence by a family member, you may want to seek an order of protection to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Continue reading “Order of Protection Applications During the COVID Crisis”

Custody Rulings and Parental Substance Abuse

Divorce and custody proceedings can be a difficult processes to endure and oftentimes, they place great strain on the child(ren) involved. What makes this process even more difficult is when one parent is a substance abuser. The abuse of drugs or alcohol can significantly affect a person’s ability to function during everyday activities and may pose a dangerous risk to that person’s child(ren) if left in his or her care. As the other parent involved in this marriage or divorce with a substance abuser, there are certain legal options available to obtain custody and ensure that your children are kept safe.
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Using the SUNY (State University of New York) Cap to Determine Higher Education Contributions

Oftentimes, parents seeking to contribute to their child’s higher education are unaware of how child support may be impacted. In New York State, child support is based on a pro-rata (fewer deductions) share of parental income for the first $80,000 of combined income. Once you have the pro-rata share, the state applies a statutory percentage of income as follows:

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