Swimming Pool Liability

Every day, nine people drown in the United States.  For children, it accounts for the second-leading cause of accidental deaths among ages 1-14.  In most of these cases, a child drowns when they are not supervised at a swimming pool.  But who should be liable for these accidents?  Pool owners in New York State should be aware that they may be liable for accidents that occur in their pool. Continue reading “Swimming Pool Liability”

Water Damage To A Property Due To A Neighbor

Suffolk County real estate lawyerNew York real estate disputes may arise from water damage that is caused by a neighbor’s newly installed landscaping. Water can seep into an individual’s home causing harm to the property. Ordinarily, a neighbor is not responsible for any damage stemming from natural runoff from rain or the land.  However, if a neighbor installs landscaping that alters the original condition of the land that causes more water to run onto the property than usual, resulting in damage, there may be grounds for recovery. Continue reading “Water Damage To A Property Due To A Neighbor”