Order of Protection Applications During the COVID Crisis

The coronavirus put most legal proceedings on hold for its duration, with nonessential matters delayed until courts could fully reopen. However, what many people do not realize is that this did not stop people from filing orders of protection in family court matters, helping to protect them from abusive family members. If you have been the victim of abuse or violence by a family member, you may want to seek an order of protection to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

An order of protection, also called a restraining order, is a court order that requires a person to stay away from a person or place, or to refrain from certain kinds of conduct. In a family court setting, orders of protection are typically issued to protect victims of domestic abuse by ordering the abuser to stay away from any family members they are abusing, as well as their home, school, and workplace. What makes orders of protection effective is that, if someone violates an order of protection, you can call the police and have them arrested, even if they otherwise do nothing overtly harmful.

Requests for orders of protection are considered “essential” proceedings, meaning they are still available even with the courts operating on a limited basis. Thus, seeking an order of protection or other means of protection from domestic abuse are available, even as people are forced to stay home.

It is important that you are aware of your rights when it comes to you and your children. Our Suffolk County family lawyers will fight hard for you and your family’s behalf. A New York family lawyer, who is experienced in handling family law cases of all sorts, can advise you of your legal rights and will fight for your best interests in court. If you or your loved ones are suffering as a result of domestic abuse, contact the Suffolk County family law attorneys at McGuire, Peláez and Bennett at (631) 348-1702.

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