More Than One Third of Americans Face Homelessness

A new report by the United States Census Bureau has said that more than a third of all Americans are facing homelessness in the next two months. This is based on the number of American households that have missed mortgage or rent payments and who are unlikely to meet the necessary requirements to avoid foreclosure or eviction. This comes along with the expiration of federal and state eviction moratoriums that are set to end with the New Year.

The Economic Impact of the Coronavirus

    The coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has had a profound effect on people’s lives and livelihoods. With the infection rate on the way back up and coronavirus-related deaths skyrocketing almost everywhere, many states, including New York, are once again contemplating shutting down businesses to curtail the spread of the disease. Many people fear another shut down, since the first shutdown resulted in many businesses being forced to close or limit their business significantly.

The prospect of a second shutdown may be necessary to maintain public health, but economically speaking, it could not come at a worse time. Many people remain out of work from the first shutdown, and people have struggled to stay afloat through the economic strife. Making things worse is that state and federal moratoriums on evictions are about to expire, which will likely result in widespread homelessness.

The End of Eviction Moratoriums

New York was among the first states to enact a moratorium on residential evictions, preventing landlords from kicking residents out for being unable to pay their rent. A similar federal moratorium was put into place back in March, although to a much more limited extent. While the residential moratorium in New York was extended until May 1, the federal moratorium is set to expire with the New Year.

What Happens Now?

With 35% of Americans expecting to be evicted or foreclosed on over the course of the next two months, people are searching for help to stop themselves from losing their homes. While a measure being considered by Congress may extend the federal moratorium until January 31, it still means many Americans now face homelessness. Some people may be able to protect themselves from eviction, however, if they seek out legal assistance.

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