New York Eviction Moratorium Extended Until January 15

New York Governor Kathy Hochul has signed a law that will extend the state’s moratorium on residential evictions until January 15, 2022. This extension is seen as a benefit to tenants who were facing eviction when the state’s moratorium was set to expire, leading to potential evictions for thousands of New Yorkers. However, for some, the measure is seen as a disappointing effort that does little to address the underlying issues behind the looming eviction crisis. Continue reading “New York Eviction Moratorium Extended Until January 15”

How Landlords Try to Avoid Refunding Your Security Deposit

It is common practice for landlords to require their tenants to pay a security deposit as part of their lease agreement. In theory, the security deposit is only meant to cover costs for cleaning and repair, and any unspent amount of the deposit should be returned at the end of the lease. However, some landlords will go to great lengths to make sure they can keep a tenant’s security deposit, including using these potentially illegal methods: Continue reading “How Landlords Try to Avoid Refunding Your Security Deposit”

Five Issues to Watch Out For in Your Lease Agreement

The lease agreement is an essential part of establishing the relationship between a landlord and their tenants, but it is also a common source of strife. Tenants, in particular, often do not realize the potential problems in their lease agreements until it is too late. Here are five things you should look out for in your lease agreement, if you want to avoid potential legal problems down the line: Continue reading “Five Issues to Watch Out For in Your Lease Agreement”

When Does a Landlord’s Neglect Become a Legal Issue?

Every landlord has a duty to their tenants to ensure their property is safe to live in. This is known, in legal terms, as the “implied warranty of habitability,” and no lease agreement can get around this basic obligation. Not every landlord keeps up this responsibility, though, failing to respond to tenants when they complain about problems in their rented spaces. If it goes long enough, neglect can stop being merely inconvenient, and start becoming a legal problem. Here are a few signs to look out for that might tell you it’s time to consider getting a lawyer: Continue reading “When Does a Landlord’s Neglect Become a Legal Issue?”

When Can You Legally Break Your Lease Early?

When you sign a lease agreement to rent an apartment, typically you do so with the intention of staying in that apartment for the whole duration. Sometimes, though, you may want to leave an apartment before your lease is up, but doing so may mean you face financial or legal penalties. So when is it legal to quit your lease early, without getting in trouble? Continue reading “When Can You Legally Break Your Lease Early?”

Five Common Reasons for Landlord-Tenant Disputes

While the coronavirus pandemic has caused more problems between landlords and tenants than ever before, landlord-tenant disputes are nothing new. All too often, conflicts between landlords and tenants turn from simple arguments into court cases, potentially costing hundreds or thousands of dollars and sometimes resulting in eviction. Here are five of the most common reasons for landlord-tenant disputes: Continue reading “Five Common Reasons for Landlord-Tenant Disputes”

Landlords Prepare For End of New York Eviction Moratorium

Since almost the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, landlords in New York have been prohibited from evicting tenants who have been unable to pay that rent. With the end of the state’s eviction moratorium on May 1, however, landlords will once again be able to remove non-paying tenants from their apartments. This has led to fears that thousands of New Yorkers will face homelessness this summer, which may lead to a spike in COVID-19 infections. Continue reading “Landlords Prepare For End of New York Eviction Moratorium”

Seven Signs of a Constructive Eviction

Many landlords have been struggling to figure out how to deal with tenants who cannot, or will not, pay their rent. While most landlords remain firmly on the side of the law, some will resort to illegal acts to force out their tenants, in what is known as a constructive eviction. Here are seven signs that you may have become a victim of a constructive eviction: Continue reading “Seven Signs of a Constructive Eviction”

More Than One Third of Americans Face Homelessness

A new report by the United States Census Bureau has said that more than a third of all Americans are facing homelessness in the next two months. This is based on the number of American households that have missed mortgage or rent payments and who are unlikely to meet the necessary requirements to avoid foreclosure or eviction. This comes along with the expiration of federal and state eviction moratoriums that are set to end with the New Year. Continue reading “More Than One Third of Americans Face Homelessness”

Brooklyn Landlords Allegedly Tricked NY State in “Rent-Free” Scheme

A collection of Brooklyn landlords are facing a class action suit, alleging they defrauded both their own tenants and New York State by promising a “rent-free” month to get around rent stabilization laws. This scheme allegedly allowed landlords to overcharge their tenants for apartments that were supposed to be regulated, in violation of state law. The plaintiff alleges this scheme also allowed landlords to raise their rents higher than they normally would be allowed, harming tenants. Continue reading “Brooklyn Landlords Allegedly Tricked NY State in “Rent-Free” Scheme”