Five Things to Know About Plea Deals

An estimated 90 to 95% of all criminal cases end in plea deals. This reality is a stark contrast to the fantastic world of courtroom dramas, where criminal cases are often dragged out through a full trial. But what happens if you get arrested and get offered a plea deal? What should you do? Well, here are five things you should know about a plea deal, preferably before you are in a position to take one yourself: Continue reading “Five Things to Know About Plea Deals”

Five Reasons to Get a Prenup

A prenup, short for a prenuptial agreement, used to be considered taboo to discuss, and many people are still uncomfortable talking about getting a prenup with their fiance. As time has gone on, though, more people have realized that a prenup can be helpful, even if they ultimately never get divorced. Here are five reasons you should consider getting a prenup for yourself and your future spouse: Continue reading “Five Reasons to Get a Prenup”

What is a Bail Bond, and How Does it Work?

If you are familiar with the American criminal justice system, you have likely heard of bail, as well as bail bonds. These bonds play an integral role in the bail system, but also often result in people losing their livelihoods and their freedom. But what exactly is a bail bond, and why would you even want to get one? Continue reading “What is a Bail Bond, and How Does it Work?”

Five Things to Know About Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

“Bankruptcy” can sound like a scary word to people who are in financial distress. Some people would rather suffer and lose everything rather than consider bankruptcy. And yet, it can be a major lifeline for individuals struggling with debt, and in the case of Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you may not need to even adjust your lifestyle that much. Here are five things you should know about Chapter 13 bankruptcy: Continue reading “Five Things to Know About Chapter 13 Bankruptcy”

The Benefits and Risks of Facial Recognition Technology

Police departments around the country, including in New York, have increasingly embraced new technology to identify suspects and solve previously unsolvable crimes. Foremost among these new technologies is facial recognition, which can take an image from a photograph or video and use it to identify a person with startling accuracy. However, the technology is not without its detractors, and many people criticize the use of facial recognition technology by law enforcement for both moral and practical reasons. Continue reading “The Benefits and Risks of Facial Recognition Technology”

Swimming Pool Liability

Every day, nine people drown in the United States.  For children, it accounts for the second-leading cause of accidental deaths among ages 1-14.  In most of these cases, a child drowns when they are not supervised at a swimming pool.  But who should be liable for these accidents?  Pool owners in New York State should be aware that they may be liable for accidents that occur in their pool. Continue reading “Swimming Pool Liability”

Water Damage To A Property Due To A Neighbor

Suffolk County real estate lawyerNew York real estate disputes may arise from water damage that is caused by a neighbor’s newly installed landscaping. Water can seep into an individual’s home causing harm to the property. Ordinarily, a neighbor is not responsible for any damage stemming from natural runoff from rain or the land.  However, if a neighbor installs landscaping that alters the original condition of the land that causes more water to run onto the property than usual, resulting in damage, there may be grounds for recovery. Continue reading “Water Damage To A Property Due To A Neighbor”

Construction Worker in Critical Condition after Toxic Fumes

Dangerous fumes at a Midtown renovation site caused three construction workers to fall ill on February 24, 2016.  According to a New York Fire Department spokesperson, one of the workers is in critical condition and was rushed to Bellevue Hospital.  The other two construction workers suffered minor injuries.

Continue reading “Construction Worker in Critical Condition after Toxic Fumes”

Small Plane Safety Risks

Many enjoy the thrill of riding in a small passenger plane. Others enjoy the convenience it brings and ease of travel. Some people even take classes and obtain their pilot licenses to be able to have the freedom to fly whenever they choose. However, if pilots do not exercise caution, accidents can occur. Recently, on Long Island, a single engine plane crashed killing the pilot and injuring the passenger.

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Are Landlords Required to Allow Service Animals?

Under federal law, landlords are required to provide “reasonable accommodations” based on an individual’s disability.  Disabilities can be mental, emotional, or physical in nature.  Landlords must comply with the Fair Housing Act, and regardless of a pet policy, a landlord may be required to permit a tenant to keep a service animal to accommodate an individual’s disability.

Service animals may assist with mental, emotional, or physical needs.  Additionally, a service animal could include any type of animal that qualifies.  Traditionally people consider service animals to be dogs, but they can also include cats, birds, rabbits, and any other animal that may assist with the person’s disability.  These animals are not considered pets, but working animals.

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