Crime Rate Drops Significantly During COVID Quarantine

Overall, the coronavirus pandemic has been a nightmare for most of the country. It has significantly taxed resources at the local, state, and federal level, and has caused a substantial strain on the American medical system. However, there has been a silver lining to it all: crime has dropped significantly across the country, with the drop in crime being particularly noticeable in large cities like New York City. Continue reading “Crime Rate Drops Significantly During COVID Quarantine”

Confusion Arises Over New York Eviction Moratorium

In late March, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a moratorium on evictions throughout New York State. While the move was welcomed by tenants who feared being evicted during the coronavirus pandemic, it didn’t stop cases for eviction from being filed in New York courts. This strange situation, where landlords can file to evict their tenants but can’t carry out the eviction, has caused confusion among landlords and tenants alike about what is permissible during the moratorium. Continue reading “Confusion Arises Over New York Eviction Moratorium”

Criminal Penalties for Breaking Quarantine

In late March, President Trump publicly floated the idea of quarantining New York, as well as parts of New Jersey and Connecticut. While the quarantine was ultimately not implemented, with the White House instead issuing a travel advisory for those three states, it made some people fear what might happen if one or more states were, in fact, quarantined. For example, what happens to people who break an officially imposed quarantine? Continue reading “Criminal Penalties for Breaking Quarantine”