Suffolk Red Light Fee Increase Struck Down by Court

A New York State Supreme Court judge has struck down a $30 fee increase that Suffolk County attempted to impose on red light camera tickets. The fee increase was imposed to increase revenue to the county from red light camera tickets, as well as a way of deterring speeding through harsher penalties. However, the court determined that Suffolk County did not have the legal authority to increase the fee and ruled the increase unconstitutional as a matter of law. Continue reading “Suffolk Red Light Fee Increase Struck Down by Court”

Suffolk County Committee Decides to Extend Red-Light Camera Program

On September 19, 2018, Newsday reported that the Suffolk County Legislature’s Waiver Committee unanimously voted in favor of extending the contract of the county’s red-light camera vendor, resulting in the red-light camera program being extended for at least another year.

Conduent Inc., a technology company based in Florham Park, New Jersey, received an extension on its contract with the county which will run the end of 2019. Republican legislators were upset that the contract was renewed without seeking competitive bids or requests for proposal, but they are more upset that the red-light camera program is more about collecting revenues than making the roads safer for drivers.
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Suffolk County Eviction Process

Eviction is the legal process by which a landlord can expel a resident or tenant from a property. Some of the most common reasons a landlord will evict a tenant are the failure to pay rent on time, harboring other people or pets at the residence that are not authorized by the lease agreement, or the tenant’s participation in illegal or criminal activity within the rental premises. Regardless of the reason for eviction, a landlord must follow a formal eviction process that varies based on the county in which the property is located.

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Deck Collapse Injures Two During Party

Two people were injured when a deck collapsed during a house party in East Setauket. CBS News reported that 400 people — mostly students at Stony Brook University — attended a party at the house to celebrate “move-in day.” It was estimated that as many as 50 people were on the 10-foot-high deck when it collapsed on August 26, 2016, at 11 p.m.

Of the two who were injured, one had a broken leg and the other suffered abrasions. Police were called to the scene after a neighbor complained about the noise and the number of cars parked in front of the house.

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Are You Legally Entitled to Smoke in Your Apartment?

Recently, Suffolk County lawmakers passed a bill that will ban smoking in apartment complexes.  The prohibition applies to apartment complexes with ten or more units- including senior facilities and condominiums.  Smoking will be prohibited in all common areas of the building as well as outside common areas including courtyards and playgrounds.  Violators are subject to a $250 fine, and a jail sentence could be imposed for those with multiple violations.

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New Law Would Equip School Bus Stop Arms with Cameras

A new bill recently introduced in Suffolk County would allow school bus stop arms to be equipped with cameras.  Lawmakers hope that the cameras would deter drivers from passing school busses when the stop arms are deployed.  Additionally, the drivers who have been caught on camera passing the school bus when the stop arm sign is up would be subject to high fines.

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What Does “Assumption of the Risk” Mean?

The legal defense “Assumption of the Risk” describes a participant’s involvement in a potentially risky activity.  One example involves a sport or recreational activity.  When the participant consents to take part in such an activity, legally they are sometimes assuming responsibility for the common risks associated with the activity. For example, a football player assumes the risks of suffering bodily harm on the football field because the sport involves constant physical contact with other players.

Motocross, another potentially dangerous sport, consists of motorcycle drivers on a track with hills, jumps, and obstacles. In a 2011 incident, a motocross participant was injured at the Long Island Motocross track in Yaphank, New York. The defendant (owner of the racetrack) argued that the plaintiff assumed the risk of injuries suffered in the motocross race. The plaintiff argued that the poor condition of the racetrack increased the risks associated with the sport and ultimately caused his injury. Continue reading “What Does “Assumption of the Risk” Mean?”