Five Issues to Watch Out For in Your Lease Agreement

The lease agreement is an essential part of establishing the relationship between a landlord and their tenants, but it is also a common source of strife. Tenants, in particular, often do not realize the potential problems in their lease agreements until it is too late. Here are five things you should look out for in your lease agreement, if you want to avoid potential legal problems down the line: Continue reading “Five Issues to Watch Out For in Your Lease Agreement”

When Can You Legally Break Your Lease Early?

When you sign a lease agreement to rent an apartment, typically you do so with the intention of staying in that apartment for the whole duration. Sometimes, though, you may want to leave an apartment before your lease is up, but doing so may mean you face financial or legal penalties. So when is it legal to quit your lease early, without getting in trouble? Continue reading “When Can You Legally Break Your Lease Early?”

Five Common Reasons for Landlord-Tenant Disputes

While the coronavirus pandemic has caused more problems between landlords and tenants than ever before, landlord-tenant disputes are nothing new. All too often, conflicts between landlords and tenants turn from simple arguments into court cases, potentially costing hundreds or thousands of dollars and sometimes resulting in eviction. Here are five of the most common reasons for landlord-tenant disputes: Continue reading “Five Common Reasons for Landlord-Tenant Disputes”